HOPE Center for Pain - formerly CROFT Physical Therapy

At HOPE Center for Pain, we believe that pain elimination 
should be done through hands-on, manual therapy. 
We offer physical therapy treatment that focuses on
 eliminating restricted, painful tissue in the body in 
order to rid the body of pain. By re-establishing healthy
 tissue in the body, and therefore improving circulation 
and movement, the body is better able to heal itself.

Our patients are often disappointed in physical therapy they have had in the past because, "it was all exercises."

At HOPE Center, exercises are not the focus of your therapy.


If exercise is necessary, you will be instructed in what appropriate exercises are and do them as part of your home exercise program. In the office, the time you are
in therapy will be dedicated to valuable hands-on work with your therapist.

3601 General Electric Road, Suite #5
Bloomington, IL  61704


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