HOPE Center for Pain - formerly CROFT Physical Therapy
If you are not sure you need Pelvic Floor Rehab, take this simple test to find out....

1.  Do you have pelvic pain or abdominal pain? 
2.  Do you experience pain with OR after intercourse? 
3.  Do you have pain in or around your bladder? 
4.  Do you have pain with urinating or defecating? 
5.  Do you have sitting pain, tailbone pain, or low  back pain? 
6.  Do you urinate more frequently than every 2 hours? 
7.  Do you get up at night to urinate? 
8.  Do you still feel "full" after emptying your bladder? 
9.  Do you have trouble controlling urine? or bowel movements? 
10. Do you have chronic redness and/or irritation in the genital region? 
11. Do you experience burning or itching in the genital or pelvic region? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you could have pelvic floor dysfunction and may benefit from specialized physical therapy treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist.
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